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HPC.net for PocketPC : Download Software : Health & Medical

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CalorieWatch Website Details
Calorie Watch is designed to keep a daily watch over your health. It helps you to determine your ideal weight, ideal caloric intake and Body Mass Index depending on your age, weight, height and life style. Guard your weight change daily by entering the food items eaten and the amount of physical activity undertaken during the day. You can now find the number of calories gained from different food items as well as the calories burnt through various exercises and regulate your habits accordingly! ...Click details for more information.

Cardiology DB Website Details
Windows CE database for cardiology...Click details for more information.

Dose Calculator CE Website Details
Dose Calculator CE is a software program to assist oncology healthcare professionals in calculating individual patient doses for oncology regimens. Dose Calculator CE program is developed for Windows CE environment and runs in Handheld devices (H/PC) equiped with Windows CE version 2.0. The software provides a database of more than 100 standard, fully referenced oncology regimens for solid tumors and adult leukemias. Dose Calculator CE offers an easy, fast and accurate way to calculate doses for most a...Click details for more information.

Due Date Calculator Website Details
This "electronic pregnancy wheel" is an obstetric Due Date Calculator for the practicing obstetrician (Medical Calculator). Free Trial for 30 days! ...Click details for more information.

E-Note CE Website Details
Created to be used on the new handheld computers. E-Note CE provides you with a "mobile" dictation platform that allows you to finish all if not most of your notes while you're with the patient. Small enough to fit in your pocket the new handheld computers are perfectly suited for the medical field. Now coupled with the power of the E-Note medial ...Click details for more information.

Fitness Tracker Website Details
A program which lets you set targets for fitness parameters such as weight, calorie intake, miles run, laps swum, etc., and graphically track your progress towards these goals. ...Click details for more information.

Hand Reader Website Details
The @Hand reader is the most sophisticated book reader on the market today for both Palm OS devices and Windows CE devices. Utilizing a proprietary data compression engine, large volumes of information may be compressed into small file sizes that fit on memory limited hardware devices. With current technology, health care providers may carry up to 10,000 pages of reference information on their Palm OS device, and even more on Windows CE devices. ...Click details for more information.

Lexidrugs 98 Website Details
Lexidrugs 98 Contains a very complete database of more that 5200 drugs spanning about 500 different therapeutic classes. K2's unique incremental search engine makes it very easy to find the information for a given drug or therapeutic class. We are confident that once you install this product on your Hand-held PC, it is likely to be as indispensible as your stethoscope....Click details for more information.

MedicalcCE Website Details
I've come up with a equation solver which I have named MedicalcCE for the health care professional. It is loaded with about 18 formulas like serum osmolality, creatinine clearance, corrected sodium, and many more! The standard form of the equation is displayed and you just input the required data....Click details for more information.

MediHPC Website Details
MediHPC allows you to connect any Windows CE-based hand held personal computer (H/PC) to Meditech host systems....Click details for more information.

Patient Tracker Website Details
Patient Tracker 2.0 was created as a low cost alternative to the current patient charting applications available, and was designed especially for the medical student on the wards....Click details for more information.

PDMedDict Website Details
PDMedDict is a Medical Dictionary for the Pocket PC. Enter a word to get all matching entries. Alternatively, use the 'find like' feature if you are unsure of the spelling. Pocket Data indexes find data fast. Data compressed to conserve space. Uses 350K disk space for the program and data. In-built Pocket Help. Compatible with ALL Pocket PCs only. Installs (executable and all data) to main memory or compact flash. Installation from your desktop PC. Contains over 1,800 common medical terms and their definiti...Click details for more information.

PEPID Website Details
Loading PEPID onto your h/pc or p/pc is like putting a comprehensive medical textbook into your pocket. Created by over 40 Board Certified Physicians from almost every field, PEPID covers the Diagnosis, Pathophysiology, and Treatment for over 1,100 cases; also includes Prescribing and Drug Interactions for over 1,000 commonly used drugs. Available for most WindowsCE devices plus Palm Pilots....Click details for more information.

Pocket Diet Website Details
Pocket Diet is a comprehensive diet analysis solution for your PocketPC. Compare your diet to the 1000+ item USDA food database, and view your nutritional requirements, such as RDA's. See if your diet is balanced, how many of your calories come from fat, and track your cholesterol, calcium, carbohydrates, protein, iron intake, and more! Pocket Diet also logs your exercise activities to determine your net calorific intake, and estimate your weight loss/gain. Also included are many features to imp...Click details for more information.

Pocket Diet Tracker Website Details
Do you want to lose weight or improve your health conditions? Pocket Diet Tracker provides a means to track food intake and exercises, and all tracked data can be presented in a graphical overview to help measure progress. Pocket Diet Tracker can become an important tool in the establishment of a more healthful lifestyle. ...Click details for more information.

Pocket Workout Website Details
Pocket Workout is a complete workout management solution for your Pocket PC. Save your workout information as you do exercises at the gym or create routines and plan your workouts in advance. Use the many included exercises or create your own. Pocket Workout was designed with simplicity and speed in mind. Previous values are visible when you complete an exercise, so repeated values can be entered in with just one tap. Graph your progress with full color charts to help you analyze your performance. K...Click details for more information.

PocketChart Website Details
PocketChart puts point-of-care functionality and the electronic medical record in the palm of your hand. Now, you can document treatment protocols, eliminate unnecessary paperwork, and improve patient record accuracy. Plus, you will improve your time spent with each patient, all from the point-of-care with a portable, hand held computer that fits in your coat pocket....Click details for more information.

PointCalc Website Details
PointCalc is a program to calculate food POINTS for popular dieting programs....Click details for more information.

reViewMD Website Details
Imagine the benefits of having anytime, anywhere access to patient image files; the ability to review an MRI or echocardiogram at the point of care with the patient or from a location across the globe. With DigiSoft's medical viewer, reViewMD, the physician can access and review DICOM 3 image files anytime, anywhere — eliminating the delays associated with current methods of data review.<p>DICOM image viewer, ...Click details for more information.

Tageshoroskop 1425k Download Website Details
German Version of a daily Horoskop Calculator...Click details for more information.

The 2000 Guide to Medical Applications for PDAs. Website Details
This 125 page guide describes over 300 medical resources for Palm, Windows CE, Psion, and Newton PDAs/HPCs. A complete table of contents is available on-line....Click details for more information.

topsE&M Coder 1944k Download Website Details
<p>Code confidently! If you routinely "down code" E&M levels due to fear of an audit, you may be losing up to $50,000 annually. e-MDs puts all the advantages of its current evaluation and management (E&M) coding solution, including compatibility and compliance, into the palm of your hand. The PDA version of the topsE&M Coder reflects all the advantages of its Windows predecessor, in a handheld form. With minimal data entry (just 9 taps!), topsE&M Coder rapidly calculates the correct E&M code for each patien...Click details for more information.

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