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Anagram Plus Website Details
The object of Anagram Plus is to anagram or rearrange seven letters to form a word having 4 or more letters. Each game consists of either five, 10 or 15 words. In addition each letter is given a value as found in the board game Scrabble. Other options include a bonus situation, the ability to change the background, high scores and replay. The program comes with help file and complete setup and install. For Pocket PCs with Windows CE 3.0...Click details for more information.

Ball Sweeper Website Details
BallSweeper is a new twist on everyone's favorite time-waster, "MineSweeper." ...Click details for more information.

Balls'R'Us Website Details
A cool and addictive puzzle game. This game was created for your boring moments. Very easy to learn and play!<br>The player has to move a ball in order to clear a sequence (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) of four balls of the same color. After every player move the game adds four more balls. The player should try to eliminate as many ball sequences as he can in the least amount of moves. ...Click details for more information.

Block Website Details
Well, we had an afternoon to spare, so we wrote another simple but addictive game. Block is the sliding block puzzle of old -- re-arrange the sliding tiles to their initial form. As well as the numbers 1-15, this version contains five other pictures, which vary in difficulty. An ideal way to spend a meeting or tedious train journey!...Click details for more information.

Block Force Website Details
That game of falling bricks. You know what we're talking about. If you don't, we won't hold it against you. We're now giving it to you for the HPC, with the coolest user interface!...Click details for more information.

Blockman Website Details
BlockMan for PocketPC and WindowsCE is a game I made just for fun. Although I have developed much more complicated commercial 3D games in the past, I needed to learn how to program CE devices so I put this classic together within a few days. <p> BlockMan is a challenging and thoroughly addictive game for you lucky people with PocketPC or WinCE handheld computers. I decided ...Click details for more information.

BRAINSTORM Website Details
This completely insane action-puzzle game will change your mind forever! 100 levels of brain-teasing puzzles are challenging you're intelligence, in a world which consists of 4 gravity directions, colored bricks, black holes, transporters and much more... The built-in tutorial mode with 10 additional levels will make you comfortable with the Brainstorm game principles in no time. Your mission "Jim", should you decide to accept it, is to clear the playfield of all colored bricks, before your ti...Click details for more information.

Capsulix Website Details
Tetris-like puzzle game...Click details for more information.

Caveman Website Details
Animated puzzle game...Click details for more information.

Christmas Puzzle Mania (ARM) 456k Download Website Details
<font face=verdana size=2> Christmas Puzzle Mania for Pocket PC is a very simple and challenging game for all ages.<p>Purchase this gift and celebrate the holiday with your love ones!<p>Visit <a href=http://www.futurepda.com>http://www.futurepda.com</a> for <i>Bikini version.</i><p> <b><font color=blue>Now support PocketPC 2002!</font></b><p> <b><font color=blue>How to play</font></b><br> The objective of this game is to assemble each photos as fast as possible by swapping any two cells. The game will b...Click details for more information.

Coded Crosswords for Pocket PCs Website Details
In Coded Crosswords a standard crossword grid is filled with numbers ranging from 1 to 26, each representing a letter of the alphabet. The object is to substitute letters for the numbers so that the crossword is correctly filled in with real words. The demo version has 5 puzzles, the full version comes with 50 puzzles. Comes with help file and complete install and remove programs. For Pocket PCs with Windows CE 3.0....Click details for more information.

Cross Numbers for Pocket PCs Website Details
Play number place puzzles on your Pocket PC where the object is to place numbers so that each column, each row and each 3 x 3 square contain the numbers 1 - 9 once and only once. The program comes with 50 grids to solve, four levels of difficulty and an unlimited number of puzzle combinations. Also included is a help file and complete setup and install. For Pocket PCs with Windows CE. 3.0....Click details for more information.

Daughter in the box Website Details
This is a puzzle game. You must take out an innocent girl who knows nothing of the world. The biggest panel is the girl. (signed by Japanese kanji character) Tap one of panels to the space to move it. Goal is bottom center. TRY IT!...Click details for more information.

Falling Puzzle Website Details
<font size=2 face=verdana> <font color=green size=3>Falling Puzzle</font> for Pocket PC is a very simple and challenging game for all ages.<p> <font size=3>Also available for <a href=http://www.futurepda.com/fallingpuzzlebikini.htm>Bikini version</a>.</font><p> <b><font color=blue>How to play</font></b><br> The objective of this game is to stop the puzzle from falling off. Player will pickup the falling pieces and assemble each photo as fast as possible. The game will begin by dropping 4 pieces of t...Click details for more information.

FunnySnake FastLights 756k Download Website Details
FunnySnake FastLights is a very entertaining game, limbering your brain. The game objective is simple - you have to remember the longest, randomly generated sequence of graphics symbols. The higher level you reach, the longer the sequence is. FunnySnake FastLights is fully skinnable, there is one default skin in the installation package, but if you prefer other skin, you can either download it from this page or prepare it very easily by your own. <P> <B>Features</B> <UL> <LI>Addictive logical game helpi...Click details for more information.

Gem Slider
Gem Slider Website Details
Gem Slider for PocketPC (WinCE) is a new puzzle game on a board featuring lots of combinations. It is not as simple as it may seem, and quite addictive. There are two different modes of play, and several skill levels. The goal is simple - remove all the gems from the board, sliding them srom the edges. Online contest for the best players. Different skill levels are available. This game is real fun to play and will help you spend a few hours daily. It is compatible with COLOR devices, WinCE 3.0 or above; Po...Click details for more information.

G-POD v1.2 Cool action-arcade game !!! Website Details
G-Pod is an action-arcade game about gravity, where you have to fly through tunnels, keeping your ship balanced, and avoiding or blasting enemies. It has more than 50 levels. The goal is to find and pick up the magic G-Pod - hidden somewhere in the tunnels. Then you have to find the exit again, maybe using a different escape route. This time the G-Pod is linked to your ship, making things just a bit harder for you. G-Pod is a skill game. It might take some time to get used to flying the ship, but after ...Click details for more information.

HangMan Website Details
HangMan is the familiar word game in which you have to guess the film title before your little person is drawn, and you lose... It looks simple (because it is) but we guarantee that you'll find this one of the most addictive games you'll play on your Palm-size or HPC....Click details for more information.

Hangman CE Website Details
A Windows CE version of the Classic game Hangman. Try to guess the word by selecting letters, before you are left hanging from the hangman's noose....Click details for more information.

Jewel Website Details
A tetris style game for HPCs...Click details for more information.

JIS Nemo Website Details
JIS Nemo® is cross puzzle that you do mark as black the cell of row or column as much as displayed number....Click details for more information.

Lights On 12k Download Details
A 5x5 grid of lights is shown on screen. Some are on (grey/white) and some are off (black). The object of the game is to turn all the lights on. To do this, you touch a light and it and the lights immediately above, below, left and right all invert. For each level, you are shown the number of moves you have taken and the minimum number of moves required....Click details for more information.

Logic Squares Website Details
Logic Squares brings traditional word logic puzzles/problems to the Pocket PC. The object of Logic Squares is to determine the location of 9 colors in a 3 x 3 grid by reading and then interpreting the clues. Game features include an unlimited number of computer generated puzzles, three levels of puzzles, solve and clear options, and high scores. ...Click details for more information.

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