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Aidem File Explorer Website Details
AIDEM File Explorer is the very first file management S/W in the Pocket PC field with Recycle Bin. AIDEM File Explorer is a powerful utility that helps you handling your files. You may enhance the file management functions in your Pocket PC. The familiar user's interface makes you much easy to get start to use AIDEM File Explorer. Most of the functions are also similar to Windows File Explorer, So you may save a lot of time to learn AIDEM File Explorer. With the particular "Recycle Bin" function, you ...Click details for more information.

bUseful backup Website Details
Back up your HPC or certain files in minutes!...Click details for more information.

CCExplore Website Details
CCExplore is a file manager / explorer tool for Palm PC's. CCExplore implements all standard features you can expect from an explorer. You can copy or delete files, create folders, run programs and search for files or folders. You can also view a file's properties, sort and filter your listings. ...Click details for more information.

CCZip Website Details
With CCZip you can open archives in the popular ZIP-Format that you created on your desktop PC. You can extract and remove files from the archive. You can even create new archives and add files to existing or new archives. Note, however, that due to the limitations in memory and speed on a Palm PC CCZip will usually yield somewhat lower (about 20-30%) compression ratios than compression software on a desktop PC....Click details for more information.

CE File Website Details
Beta Version File manager for PsPC...Click details for more information.

CE FileCommander 188k Download Website Details
Freeware file manager (ftp support, internal hex-editor, internal telnet client , game ("Lines")). ...Click details for more information.

CeExplorer Website Details
CeExplorer presents all standard features such as file/folder manipulation you can find in a file explorer....Click details for more information.

CipherCE Website Details
If you want to keep any data secret, preferable within your handheld PC, CipherCE is the right choice to have that. It is designed to be as convenient as safe.<br> Cipher.exe is a small program, with which you can compress and encrypt any file with any passphrase.<br> You can also decrypt and uncompress the file with the right password and edit it with the associated application, before it will be encrypted again automagically. ...Click details for more information.

CommandCE Website Details
Introducing CommandCE (pronounced Commanche) - A Windows 95 style file explorer with a directory tree view on the left and a standard file view on the right. Includes several features that the CE Explorer lacks!...Click details for more information.

DataFileManager Website Details
DataFileManager is a application which will help user Compare the files for duplicate entries & remove the duplicate records present in his various data files...Click details for more information.

Disu Website Details
Windows CE port of the Disu Koko, also available for linux and windows 95. Disu shows the size of a file in bytes, kilobytes, megabytes and diskettes...Click details for more information.

dTree Website Details
This new tool makes it easy to copy or move files and folders on a WindowsCE device. Beaming to other devices is also supported. Creating links in your Start menu or just starting a program can be made by using your pen....Click details for more information.

FastFind Website Details
FastFind makes finding files chore a cinch. When invoked, FastFind perches itself in the tray unobtrusively. Whenever you need to search just tap your stylus on the tray icon....Click details for more information.

File Converter Website Details
The Windows CE Services File Converter makes the task of converting files simpler - you can quickly convert files without connecting your PC and mobile device, and without using Windows CE Services Explorer. Files can be converted in place or converted and copied to a specified location, such as a PC storage card. You can convert any file type that is convertible via Windows CE Services Explorer except TrueType font files (*.TTF) and Microsoft Windows font files (*.FON)....Click details for more information.

FileReader Website Details
FileReader is an easy to use Text Editor. It supports decompression of Text-files, so the compressed files can be read. The user can create a new file, edit the file (copy, cut, paste, undo, select all) and rename the file. The application contains special features like Bookmark, Backlight, SaveAs, Deletion and Change the Font....Click details for more information.

Find Force Website Details
Fed up of going through heaps of folders to search a file? No good at remembering complete file names? Want to look for files updated in specified date ranges? If the answers to the above questions is a vociferous yes, then Ruksun's Find Force is the right nifty trinket for you. Find Force makes the chore of finding files a cinch. When invoked, Find Force perches itself in the tray unobtrusively. Whenever you need to search just tap your stylus on the tray icon....Click details for more information.

H/PC Explorer 1.1 Website Details
The new release of H/PC Explorer software for your desktop PC is now available. The new version, H/PC Explorer 1.1, retains all its current functionality and adds support for Outlook 97, Word 97, Excel 97 and Windows NT Workstation 4.0....Click details for more information.

Handheld PC File Converter Website Details
The handheld PC File Converter makes the task of converting Windows CE files simpler -- you can quickly convert files on your desktop PC without connecting your PC and handheld PC, and without using HPC Explorer. Files can be converted in place or converted and copied to a specified location, such as a PC storage card. HPC Explorer must be installed on the PC where you use the handheld PC File Converter. <p> Here are the latest links for Handheld PC 1.0 Convertor and 2.0<br> <a href="http://www.micro...Click details for more information.

HandyZIP Website Details
increase the overall storage capacity of your handheld device and memory cards; save on connection times by sending compressed attachments with your e-mail;<br> view ZIP archives downloaded from the web, newsgroups, or attached to incoming e-mail. <br> Speed up synchronization with your Desktop PC; ...Click details for more information.

HandyZIP Website Details
HandyZIP is the essential ZIP compression and decompression utility for mobile professionals.<p> <p> With HandyZIP you can view, extract and compress information in the popular ZIP format, thus saving memory, and significantly increasing the storage capacity of your device and storage cards. Viewing and updating contents of a HandyZIP archive is as easy as tapping on the screen. Thanks to its AutoUpdate feature, HandyZIP will automatically synchronize any modification you make while viewing files, and r...Click details for more information.

Hex Dump Website Details
File hexadecimal dump viewer. (Just viewer, not editor)...Click details for more information.

HexEditor Website Details
Applications for binary viewind/editing of Windows CE files. It shows the dump of files in Hex format and allows to edit their contents byte-per-byte. It is capable to find the byte in file and jump to specified position of file. It is neccessary stuff for all WinCE programmers and hackers. ...Click details for more information.

HPC Converter Website Details
Convert HPC > PC > HPC...Click details for more information.

IA Zip 1471k Download Website Details
IA Zip is a powerful compression tool for Pocket PCs that is fully compatible with popular Windows Zip compression tools (such as WinZip®). IA Zip has a simple, Pocket PC-compliant user interface and an extensive array of compressing, decompressing, viewing, extracting, and file management features. By compressing files in a Pocket PC, IA Zip frees up significant storage space for additional applications and data files. One of IA Zip's unique features is that opening and viewing Zip files is compl...Click details for more information.

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