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ArtSSave Website Details
ArtSSave - unique PC-less backup/restore utility intended for a differential device backup. A differential backup saves on storage card only data changes made to the device after the last backup. ArtSSave Features: <br> - PC-less backup/restore<br> - Differential backup method<br> - Automatic backup mode<br> - Selective restoring in Advanced mode. ...Click details for more information.

ArtSSave for Handheld PC Website Details
ArtSSave - PC-less backup/restore utility intended for a differential device backup. A differential backup saves on storage card only those data changes which were made in the device for last backup session. ArtSSave Features: 1.PC-less backup/restore; 2.Differential backup method; 3.Automatic backup mode; 4.Selective restoring in Advanced mode. ...Click details for more information.

Battery Monitor Website Details
<P>Battery Monitor allow you to see system resources and monitoring of battery power on your PDA device.</P> <P><B>FEATURES:</B> <UL> <LI>Display the time (hour:minute:second) while your PDA device is ruining since last charged <LI>Display the time while your PDA was in suspend mode <B><FONT COLOR="#FF0000">NEW!</FONT></B> <LI>Display the estimated time to 20% of battery capacity <B><FONT COLOR="#FF0000">NEW!</FONT></B> <LI>Display system resources as free Program memory, free Storage memory and f...Click details for more information.

BatteryState Website Details
Counts the Time the Battery-Set is in Use. This Program was written because the Standard Battery properties are reset when pressing Reset-Button of HPC....Click details for more information.

bUSEFUL Utilities Pak Website Details
BSQUARE is proud to introduce the world's first comprehensive utility suite for: Data loss prevention System analysis and benchmarking Device speed improvement Device operation enhancement Whether you are an end-user or a corporate IT professional, bUSEFUL is vital for your device operation. Use it on your Palm-size PC, Handheld PC, or Handheld PC Pro!...Click details for more information.

CardRunner Website Details
This is a first hack at a utility which automatically runs an executable on a storage card whenever the card is inserted....Click details for more information.

CE Benchmark MIPS Website Details
Test the speed of your Windows CE H/PC for MIPS...Click details for more information.

CE Benchmark SH-3 Website Details
Test the speed of your Windows CE H/PC for SH-3...Click details for more information.

CETree System Metrics Website Details
System Metrics is a utility to test the CPU and Storage System speed of your Windows CE device....Click details for more information.

CETune Website Details
Switches the window animations on and off without the need for tricky registry editing....Click details for more information.

CETuner Website Details
The CETuner utility is designed to reset the user's interface in the Windows CE 2.0/2.11 and Windows CE 3.0/Pocket PC operating system. It allows to change the font used in the interface's textual elements and color used in the interface's graphical elements. <br> Resetting the user's interface parameters is necessary in many cases, such as: <li> a person with a poor eyesight may set a more contrasted color spectrum, one may also in...Click details for more information.

Clio Power Website Details
A very useful way to keep an eye on how much batter power your Clio has remaining. A tooltray icon keeps you up to date with a glance, while a dialog provides you with in-depth information. Don't get caught short again! Click here to download the executable file. Drag it to your Clio, and run it. That's all there is to it. There are no nag screens, this is a free utility....Click details for more information.

Clip Force Website Details
Clip Force is a tray utility for Windows CE based Handheld PC's which manages clipboard entries. Clip Force makes text entry on an H/PC easier by facilitating multiple cut-copy-paste operations to and from the clipboard. It creates a list, from the text items that the user dumps to the clipboard and allows them to be pasted to any document later. Clip Force has a configurable list which allows the user to decide how many clipboard entries should be saved. Being a tray utility it can be accessed easily and y...Click details for more information.

Color Tweaker Website Details
Sick of that dirty green color on your HPC's desktop? Change it with ColorTweaker! And change the color of just about anything else you want - buttons, menus, text etc. Supports color schemes files - save your favourite scheme to a file so that you can reload it later, or start your own collection of color schemes. Also has a "Restore Default" button, which restores Windows CE's GUI to its original colors - in case you've messed things up real bad....Click details for more information.

ColorMe Website Details
ColorMe provides the Windows standard Display Appearance settings for changing your system colors. Make Windows CE look the way you want it to look, not the way Microsoft thinks it should look. Along the way see which applications weren't programmed to properly handle color in Windows CE - including portions of Windows CE itself....Click details for more information.

Compaq Backup and Restore to ATA Flash Website Details
Whether on the road or in the office users can now Backup and Restore the entire Compaq PC companion memory to a PC card Flash RAM card. PC companion customers can now carry their handheld and a PC card-based backup copy of their data with them at all times....Click details for more information.

CoverMe! Website Details
CoverMe! allows you to quickly erase any of the many 'histories' that your Windows CE H/PC and H/PC Pro keeps track of. Use CoverMe! to get rid of any of the following: Run History Recent Documents List Favorites List Pocket Internet Explorer Address History...Click details for more information.

Cresotech PocketSafe Website Details
Cresotech PocketSafe is a convenient PDA-based tool for safe storage of confidential information. PocketSafe provides easy management and secure storage of passwords, contact names, credit card numbers, bank account and document data as well as other confidential information. The records in the database are encrypted and password-protected. All popular models of PocketPC are supported: Compaq IPaq, Casio Cassiopeia, HP Jornada, Symbol, etc....Click details for more information.

DelGarbage Website Details
Empties the Recycling Bin. (4K) (Occasional Icon problem with CE2)...Click details for more information.

DelHost_Recent_Garbage Website Details
Combines Akiva DelHosts, DelRecent, and DelGarbage...Click details for more information.

DelHosts Website Details
This Wiindows CE program deletes excess listings in your H/PC's registry. These are listings of internet sites you've visited, and it is believed they slow the machine down significantly. The listings build up again over time, so it's probably a good idea to run it frequently....Click details for more information.

DelInternet Website Details
Deletes the Temporary Internet files cache (4K)...Click details for more information.

DelRecent Website Details
Deletes the "Recent" file list (4K)...Click details for more information.

DeSappear Website Details
DeSappear is a small app that makes your desktop background color transparent, so that you'll see the background wallpaper instead of the background color under the desktop icon text! ...Click details for more information.

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