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AllBarCE Website Details
No more mess in your desktop, with AllBarCe you will have all your favorite programs at your hand. You can also display the date in this bar. TRY IT!...Click details for more information.

AppLert 99 Website Details
Allows users to have a program run at a specific time in the future. Authors URL is http://www.taylord.freeserve.co.uk/...Click details for more information.

AppSwitch Website Details
Toggles between different applications on your PPC...Click details for more information.

ArtSMark Website Details
A unique tool intended to make PPC and HPC usage more comfortable and simple.<br> Since mobile devices has small screen and keyboard and their applications have non-resizable windows, the user has to make some efforts to switch to the particular application at the particular state. ArtSMark allows you to do it quickly.<br> ArtSMark allows you to put a bookmark at frequently using application's window to pick-up it later at any time without long series of pen or key strokes. For HPC....Click details for more information.

ATmini Plus Website Details
ATmini Plus 1.0 is a quick way to access the 'Start Menu', 'Cut', 'Copy', 'Paste' and 'Select All' functions on your MIPS based PsPC. It is also capable of "holding down" the 'Alt', 'Shift' and 'Ctrl' keys, which in the case for Windows CE would perform the right-button mouse click, consecutive selections and multiple selections respectively, when used in conjunction with a single tap. But this is not all; ATmini Plus also doubles as an application launcher, switcher and closer. ...Click details for more information.

CE Task Manager 280k Download Website Details
On Windows CE devices, switching to and ending tasks is a very tedious process. You must wade through layers of menus only to find a very basic GUI that will allow you to switch to and terminate tasks. CE Task Manager provides a view of running tasks and process with a look and feel similar to the Windows NT/2000 task manager. CE Task Manager lives in the Windows CE System Tray where it is only a tap away. Of course, if you don't want it in the system tray you can always get to it from the start menu. ...Click details for more information.

CeTask Website Details
CeTask is a tray application that allows you to switch to any, close current, close all but current, close all applications, open Task Manager with only few taps on the screen. ...Click details for more information.

Fast Office Companion Website Details
This Application keeps my Documents used most while at the office....Click details for more information.

Fast Task Website Details
Are you getting tired of not being able to close applications on your spiffy new Palm-size PC. Are you sick of having search through the menus to pull up the Windows CE Task Manager so that you can force applications to close? FastTask is a TINY tray application that allows you to quickly close running applications by simply double-tapping the FastTask tray icon....Click details for more information.

Fast Task Plus Website Details
This is a new product that does the same thing as FastTask, but uses a different interface to do it. FastTask Plus has also been expanded to include support for H/PCs, H/PC Pros, and Palm-size PCs. Rather than using the Task Manager type interface as FastTask does, FastTask Plus lists all the currently running applications on a popup menu, displaying both the application name and icon....Click details for more information.

GigaBar Website Details
Only a wee, little, tiny part of the screen that you see belongs to the GigaBar, up at the top. But that's the whole idea! There's more functionality buried in that little thing than you'd believe. Switch tasks, browse files, launch programs, the usual stuff. It's all in there, and a whole lot more! Two things are cool about the GigaBar. First, it's free! Second, it's not proprietary. Any developer can add to its functionality, to make all our lives easier. ...Click details for more information.

HiP Keys Website Details
A simple utility to create, edit, and manage keyboard shortcuts or hot keys.<br> HiP Keys is a utility to edit and create keyboard shortcuts. For example using HiP you could set the Windows Logo Key + the "W" key to launch Pocket Word. Similarly <WIN>+<X> could launch Excel. HiP also supports the editing of the hardware hotkeys on the HP660LX and HP630LX ...Click details for more information.

KeyMaster Website Details
KeyMaster lets you easily remap the 12 hardware keys of the HP 620LX/660LX to launch any programs you want. For example, you could change the calculator key to run calculator instead of Fiscal Pro or change the calendar key to run the Month-At-A-Glance....Click details for more information.

Launcher Website Details
Launcher is a Today screen add-on for PocketPC's. It adds an icon bar, much like Windows's Quick Launch bar. You can place as many applications (screen space permitting) to it's list as you wish simply by copying link files into the Launcher folder, and launch the applications with one tap. ...Click details for more information.

LaunchKey Website Details
LaunchKey (tm) 1.0 for Windows CE 2.0 is a utility program to create keyboard shortcuts to programs you use a lot....Click details for more information.

MiniEx Website Details
Execute your most recently opened applications and close active tasks....Click details for more information.

PADD 1.1 Website Details
True Dimensions has released PADD, a free application launcher for PPC's running Windows CE 2.x. It replaces the standard desktop with a customizable interface inspired by the Star Trek LCARS computer interface. Turn your Palm-size PC into the ultimate Star Trek device. Free. ...Click details for more information.

PPCDesktop Website Details
PPCDesktop(TM)is easy to use software in that helps you manage application programs with its shortcuts - on the desktop of your Palm-size PC! <p> You can create, delete and rename application or shortcuts to Windows desktop screen with PPCDesktop(TM) Total 38 applications or shortcuts can be added or created....Click details for more information.

PPTools 340k Download Website Details
A multifunctional PocketPC tool with a FlexBar, a file explorer and a registry explorer. With a FlexBar floating on top of PocketPC screen, you can launch, switch, stop programs quickly and monitor memory&power state instantly. You can also customize FlexBar's buttons and skin. ...Click details for more information.

QuickExplore Website Details
Lets you quickly access your favorite explorer folders on your computer or H/PC. One click displays a menu of all your user-defined favorite folders and a second click opens that folder....Click details for more information.

QuickLaunch 5.0 Website Details
The Button Extender for your Windows CE Palm-size PC. QuickLaunch is the fastest way to open your favorite applications and files.<br>Use QuickLaunch every day, and you'll see the following benefits: <li> Organize your programs using an unlimited number of launch screens. <li> Open commonly used files and applications with just one or two taps. <...Click details for more information.

QuickRun Website Details
QuickRun lets you quickly access your favorite applications on your computer or Windows CE PC from an icon in the Windows system tray. One click displays a menu of all your user-defined favorite applications and a second click launches the application....Click details for more information.

QuickTask Website Details
QuickTask is a Windows CE task management program. Using Quicktask, you can easily switch to any open application. You can also close the active application or all applications. QuickTask's System Information window displays available memory, main storage, storage card memory and battery life. QuickTask runs in the Windows CE system tray for easy access. ...Click details for more information.

Shell Force Website Details
Finally! A Command Interpreter for the Windows CE platform. No more boring waits as your Explorer takes you to your destination one step at a time. What do you know ?...Shell is here! An application for the Windows CE platform, along the lines of the MS-DOS prompt on Windows 95/NT. ...Click details for more information.

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