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Pocket DB Website Details
Written for Microsoft Windows CE for the purpose of allowing users to create, modify and maintain simple databases. ...Click details for more information.

PocketBase Website Details
Create customized databases on your CE platform in minutes. Manipulate your data in endless ways. PocketBase is ideally suited for use on the road, in the office and at home. Create database files quickly and easily. Enter and retrieve data effortlessly. Various options, such as sort, search, calculate and display can be defined in just a few simple steps....Click details for more information.

SQL Anywhere Studio. Website Details
To address the needs of the Mobile Computing and Embedded Solutions markets, Sybase introduces Sybase SQL Anywhere Studio. Featuring the industry-leading, small footprint, mobile database, Adaptive Server Anywhere, SQL Anywhere Studio enables the design and delivery of corporate information to workgroup, mobile, and embedded database systems. And with support for Windows CE and our new UltraLite deployment technology for SQL Anywhere Studio, Sybase is extending the reach of the enterprise even further -- to...Click details for more information.

Technician Assistant Website Details
Pocket PC app for saving detailed records for field network/pc techs. Includes time-stamp and automatic hourly billing rate section....Click details for more information.

XDb Website Details
XDb is a simple object-oriented database for Windows & Pocket PCs. Instantiate, reference, cut, copy, paste, delete, query objects via File Explorer like GUI. XDb's built-in Server and Browser allows data to be viewed over the Internet. Fast, flexible, compact (fits on a floppy). ActiveX DLL interface compatible with VB, C, Delphi, ASP. API similar to ADO and XML DOM. Download a free copy from http://www.xdb1.com ...Click details for more information.

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