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Callex PocketPC with ETPlayer - Voicemail Website Details
Put your messages in your own voice using Callex PocketPC with ETPlayer and send them with the ease of email to any telephone number or email address. Recipients can reply directly to your message with a text or voice message. Optional Callex PocketPC telephony support enables you to send voice messages to any telephone number or VPIM device. It even enables your recipient to reply directly to your message via telephone. Making yourself heard, itfs no problem. Callex PocketPC with ETPlayer Features: œ Rec...Click details for more information.

CENote 2 Website Details
Memo pad for your HPC...Click details for more information.

Centrivex NoteWriter Website Details
Centrivex NoteWriter is an easy to use program which makes it easy to write, keep track of, and read your notes. Each note has a title, category and date so it is simple to quickly locate one you made months ago and then read it with one click!...Click details for more information.

Charmap Website Details
This Handy Pop-up Keyboard Lets You Quickly and Easily Insert Foreign Characters and Symbols into any document on your Handheld PC....Click details for more information.

Descrypt Website Details
I have written a little freeware tool for windows ce1 and 2 which crypts and decrypts texts. There is another little freeware-tool which does the same on a PC (File compatible). The beta can be downloaded from: http://home.pages.de/~lambrecht/windowsce.html There are also some links on this page related to Windows CE (This is only a link, i dont want anything that costs money because my tools are freeware!!!!) Greets from Massachusetts Thorsten...Click details for more information.

dNote Website Details
Thanks to dNote you will be able to take along and administer all of your notes anytime and anyplace with the help of your Ps/PC. No thoughts will get lost because of notes written on scrap paper and then lost, no urgently needed hints or memos sticking uselessly on your PC's monitor, no searching for important telephone numbers you may have written down while out of the office. Never again will you forget your passwords and secret pin numbers. Stay organized with dNote!...Click details for more information.

dsNotepad Website Details
This program just demonstrates capabilities of our development tools for WindowsCE. dsNotepad is compiled with target compiler dsForth. You may downlowd dsForth and the source code of dsNotepad from DeloSoft. (PSPC)...Click details for more information.

FreeNotes Website Details
Freenotes is an easy-to-use digital notepad for your Microsoft Windows CE computer. FreeNotes runs on any H/PC using Windows CE 1.0 or 2.0. It allows rapid note taking via digital ink (scribble), or typed entry. Notes can be associated with a subject and a date for logical storage and retrieval, and a summary of your notes can be viewed as a list....Click details for more information.

HKKey Website Details
Program allows use of Newton Keyboard through Serial Port....Click details for more information.

HPC Notes Website Details
HPC Notes is a notes organizer for WindowsCE. When you create a new note it provides you with type, subject, creation and modification date to enable you to find the required information quickly and easily. You can send an e-mail directly from the note editor, as well as import and export text files. HPC Notes keeps all data in the compressed Notes database which will save storage space. <b>New Version 1.1</b>...Click details for more information.

HPC Notes 2.0 Website Details
<p>HPC Notes is a powerful notes organizer for Microsoft ® Windows ® CE. You can create notes providing them with type, subject, creation and modification date, which helps you find required information quickly and easily. With HPC Notes you can search for specific text in a specific field and sort your notes by type, date or subject. You can protect your Notes from unauthorized access with a password. You can send email messages directly from the Note Editor. Interface to your Contacts Database enables you...Click details for more information.

IrChat Website Details
IrChat is an application that allows you to chat with your friend. This application allows you to chat with any device (WindowsCE, Palm tops, Psion Series5) having IrChat application. You can chat within the range of 1-meter (i.e. standard for infrared communications). ...Click details for more information.

Kview Website Details
A simple text editor that handles both English and Japanese....Click details for more information.

MicroEmacs Website Details
Everybody knows it needed a better text editor... It's just that simple....Click details for more information.

Minute Maker Website Details
Minute Maker automates the minute-taking process for those attending meetings by allowing them to insert text as part of either pre-installed or user-defined meeting templates, each of which can feature headings and sub-headings relevant to a particular meeting....Click details for more information.

MMM Sticker/CE Website Details
Memo sticky notes on your HPC screen. Text memo, allow you jot notes with your fastest key strokes. Draw memo, allow you jot notes with your beautiful hand writting. Picture sticker, allow you show your favour photos. Calendar sticker, show you a quick reference calendar. Clock sticker, show a selected time zone clock. Memory status automatic check. Backup Battery status. Power-on Sound Effect....Click details for more information.

NewtonKey Website Details
Apple Newton serial keyboard driver. This application allows you to use that nice green Apple Newton serial keyboard with your HPC via the serial port. This program works with the HP 620LX...Click details for more information.

Notepad Website Details
Windows NT Notepad clone for CE. No support for printing or font selection. Does support Unicode, .LOG files, timestamps....Click details for more information.

NoteWriter Website Details
Centrivex NoteWriter is an easy to use program which makes it easy to write, keep track of, and read your notes. Each note has a title, category and date so it is simple to quickly locate one you made months ago and then read it with one click!...Click details for more information.

Nuance Website Details
Nuance is an editor built for Windows CE 2.0 H/PCs and 2.11 H/PC Pros with the intent of maximizing functionality, given the differences in interface between WinCE and Win9x/NT....Click details for more information.

NumeriPad Input Panel Website Details
NumeriPad, an installable input method for the Palm-size PC was designed to enhance applications that require and/or focus on numeric data entry....Click details for more information.

PalEdit Website Details
Text Editor. This editor is similar to Memo, but has some distinct advantages. E.G. Multiple files open, unlimited file sizes, Macros, Works inside System Manager or in pure DOS (even on your Desktop, Lightning fast Find, and more!...Click details for more information.

PalmPad Website Details
Zeode PalmPad 1.0 is a Notepad-like editor for editing plain text files....Click details for more information.

ParaWin CE Website Details
ParaWin CE provides users with the capability to read, type and print text in any language that uses either Western, Central European, Cyrillic, Greek, Turkish or Baltic character set. H/PC (SH3 or MIPS), 0.8MB RAM, Windows CE 2.0 ...Click details for more information.

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