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Advanced Merchant Solutions Pocket Verifier Lite Windows CE 519k Download Website Details
Accept Credit Cards and Checks anywhere, on any Windows CE compatible PDA! Works with wired or wireless Internet connections! Accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and also allows you to accept checks electronically! Accept credit cards now, and increase your sales. Credit Cards give your customers time to pay, and funds to pay with. Works with Compaq iPaq, HP Journada, Casio and more! Includes PC Verifier, for those times when you finally get back to your desk. Fully functional, you c...Click details for more information.

Annuity 3k Download Website Details
This application calculates the fixed annuity corresponding to a given investment, at a given rate and over a given period of time. The calculation is based on the compound interests method. ...Click details for more information.

Assets Manager Website Details
Assets Manager is an account management software which helps you to manage your accounts (assets, liability, income, expense) with your CE device. It provides you with an overview on all accounts as well as detail information about the transactions. It is not only expense tracker but al all-round finance tracking software. Bring to you the most CURRENT data ALL THE TIME! - real double entry accounting system - handle...Click details for more information.

BalanceBook Website Details
Easily keeps track of personal and business spendings. Calculates account balances and allows monthly returning items which are updated automatically. Includes file export function....Click details for more information.

Bills & Reminders Website Details
Bills & Reminders for Windows CE is an easy-to-use personal information manager (PIM) to help you keep track of bill payments, due dates and other important things. After you enter in the date, frequency, description, amount due for each bill and notification day, the program keeps a running total of what you owe and when payment is due. Bills and Reminders is an easy program to use, and it's a handy tool for making sure you don't miss important bill payment dates....Click details for more information.

CarBuy 130k Download Website Details
CarBuy.exe allows you to calculate what a car dealer's cost on any vehicle is. Save data for vehicles you may be intereste in from Edmunds.com. Walk onto the lot and select the options your desired vehicle has. The program will calculate dealer cost. Select an appropriate profit percentage for the dealer(3-5%). The program will calculate the price you should pay for the vehicle. Enter tax rate, interest rate, term, trade-in value and any down payment, and the program will calculate monthly payments. ...Click details for more information.

Currency Pack Website Details
Conversions between almost 300 currencies! Conversions between any two currencies from the list. You can search them by symbol, name or country. All conversions are calculated using US dollar rates. It is possible to use another basic currency, in this case the user needs to enter all rates for than currency. Very easy to change currencies rates...Click details for more information.

Dmoney Website Details
Personal finance software for your P/PC...Click details for more information.

EURO CONVERTER Website Details
Euro Convertor converts any european currencies to and from the Euro. More currencies can be added by the user....Click details for more information.

FINANCE CE 3.0 Website Details
Full featured Manager for your financial transactions! FINANCE CE 3.0 lets you record your monetary transactions quickly and accurately. This user friendly application makes your financial management as easy as 1-2-3! To protect your data you can use your personal password security. Keep track of your done and planned payments or deposits. FINANCE CE 3.0 supports split and transfer records as well as multiple accounts and different currencies to calculate your travel expenses. Use the integrated budg...Click details for more information.

Foreign Exchange Website Details
Foreign Exchange uses fresh Currency rates that it downloads through the Internet to facilitate calculation and conversion between the base currency US dollars, 58 other most common currencies and a custom currency. It also works as a standard calculator....Click details for more information.

HPC Bills and Reminders Website Details
HPC Bills & Reminders is an easy-to-use personal information manager (PIM) to help you keep track of bill payments, due dates and other important things. After you enter in the date, frequency, description, and amount due for each bill, the program keeps a running total of what you owe and when payment is due. Bills and Reminders is an easy program to use, and it's a handy tool for making sure you don't miss important bill payment dates....Click details for more information.

IntelliQuote Website Details
IntelliQuote is a computer-aided cost estimating program designed to calculate the costs associated with producing a product. The program helps you to define the amount of hours and cost of purchased materials needed to produce the quote to send to the customer. This powerful program runs on your desktop computer or the convenient Palm Size computers. Using one of these compact devices, you can sit back in your chair and make detailed, accurate cost estimates with very little effort....Click details for more information.

Keep Track Website Details
<P>Do you ...<br> ... lose your ATM receipts (<b><i>before</b></i> you write them down)?<br> ... forget credit card purchases you make by phone?<br> ... want to use your Handheld PC to make your day-to-day tasks easier (and more organized)? <br><br> <b>If so</b>, you need <b>Keep Track™</b> from Ilium Software. Keep Track is a simple way to "keep track" of your ATM, Debit and Credit Card transactions. Just touch your screen (as little as one touch), and you'll record your action on an easy-to-use...Click details for more information.

Keep Track for Palm Size Website Details
I will buy on your web site but I don't find for my Country & I will buy it with my credit card, thank you for your attention...Click details for more information.

Loan Manager Website Details
Loan Manager for Windows CE is an easy to use program for you to keep track of multiple loans for all your customers or properties. It's also an usefull tool to calculate monthly payment when you need loan for your car, house or business. This program enable you calculate amortization schedules. It also display paid amount and remain amount, total interest and principle. ...Click details for more information.

MyStocks for CE Website Details
MyStocks is an application that can allow you to create and manage your Portfolios on your hands. You can connect to the Internet and automatically updates the quotes of your investments and look at the graphical behavior of your stocks or funds. This is the first beta and we appreciate your suggestions. Please read the README file to have more informations how to install it. ...Click details for more information.

PFMoney Website Details
Synchronizes Pocket Finance with Microsoft Money98 (Beta)...Click details for more information.

Pocket CurEx Website Details
Quickly convert the value of money from one country to another. Includes more then 150 different currencies! ...Click details for more information.

Pocket Expense Website Details
I wrote this program to capture expenses when I am on the road. I have been using it for some time. It seems to work fine. Because it is in the synch directories, I am using the expense data file "expense.dat" in Microsoft Access to create my expense reports. You will need the PocketC Runtime to use PocketExpense....Click details for more information.

Pocket Finance 2.0 Website Details
Pocket Finance allows you to take your banking on the road. Simply download your financial data from your Desktop Computer to your HPC and away you go. For HPC, PPC and HPC Pro...Click details for more information.

Pocket Spreadsheet Website Details
The first spreadsheet written specifically for the Palm-size PC. Track your time, expenses or any other numeric information on your Palm-size PC....Click details for more information.

PocketExpense 1.4 Website Details
PocketExpense fills that void with a means of recording expenses and syncing them with an expense report in an MS-Excel spreadsheet. PocketExpense is a premier expense tracking application which can save you the time and hassle of recording your business expenses. In addition to recording expenses, PocketExpense can export the recorded data to a file ...Click details for more information.

Ptab Spreadsheet Website Details
PTab is the fully functional spreadsheet for the Windows CE® Palm-Size PC. You can easily create spreadsheets on your pocket organizer or use connectivity with existing Excel files on your desktop computer....Click details for more information.

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