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AccessPanel Website Details
AccessPanel Platinum Edition is a powerful text-insertion input method that makes it incredibly easy for you to enter email addresses, common responses and phrases, paste contact names and information into appointments or tasks, insert the date/time, track time, and more! AccessPanel works with virtually all applications on the Palm-size PC! ...Click details for more information.

ACT! for Windows CE Website Details
Information is power. And the ability to take essential information with you wherever you go is the poweA freeware count-up timer with a large digital display.rful idea behind ACT! CE. From your handheld PC (H/PC), ACT! CE lets you access information about your clients, your meetings, your every move. It has the main features of your desktop ACT! application plus a similar, easy-to-use interface. Put the power of information to work for you. Use ACT! CE to turn contacts into relationships and re...Click details for more information.

AddressGrabber Website Details
AddressGrabber, is useful for people who want to transfer addresses from emails, word processors, web pages and other places where the address is provided in one big block of text. Address Grabber will parse through the address and contact info, separate them into the correct fields, and then transfer it into your favorite address book (contact manager, PIM, PDA, etc.). If you also want to transfer an address from one database to another, the Address Grabber Deluxe version would be the best one for you....Click details for more information.

Auto99 Website Details
Information Manager for your car. Track mileage, fuel consumption, maintenance, and much more....Click details for more information.

Auto99 V2.0 Website Details
Now you can manage your cars with Auto99 from 4Tone Software. Auto99 will remind you to be updated or repaired or paid at some distance or regularly. Record all activities regarding with your cars at any time to your portable Palm-size PC. After recording all activities, you can view the fuel mileage of your car and keep track of the cost of activities. And you can record the date and the distance when you go somewhere in Trip List. Unregistered version of Auto99 can accept 15 items (accessories, activitie...Click details for more information.

BirthdayBoy 1.1 Website Details
The orignal release of BirthdayBoy is a TodayScreen plugin which will display anniversaries or birthdays upto 31 days ahead. ...Click details for more information.

Book Bag for Pocket PCs Website Details
Keep track of your favorite books and authors on your Pocket PC. Features include export and import; add, edit, delete records; various sorts; complete help file, setup and uninstall. ...Click details for more information.

bProductive Essentials Pak HPC Website Details
BSQUARE&#174; bPRODUCTIVE&#153; Essentials Pak for the Windows CE-based Handheld PC and Handheld PC, Professional Edition includes all the essential business productivity software solutions you need in one convenient box! <h3>Key Features:</h3> <ul> <li><b>bFAX&#174; Pro --</b> Send and receive faxes on your Handheld PC! Queue and batch fax multiple document types to multiple recipients, fax via cellular phone, and more. <p><li><b>bPRINT&#153; --</b> Print when, what, and where you w...Click details for more information.

bTrack Website Details
Comprehensive time, expense, and mileage tracking for your Handheld PC. Everything you need for maintaining accurate records....Click details for more information.

BugMe! 3.1 Website Details
BugMe! is a yellow-sticky-type reminder for Handheld PC's and PsPCs running Windows CE. BugMe! lets you quickly jot a note, then set an alarm for when the note should pop-up and bug you to do what you need to do.<p>BugMe! is an ingeniously simple note taker and memory jolter. Relevant and useful to everyone who owns a Pocket PC, BugMe! has won many prestigious awards and has a growing, grateful following. With BugMe! by your side, you won't forget a sing...Click details for more information.

CEVehicle Website Details
CEVehicle is the complete solution for people whom track thier vehilcles kilometers/miles. CEVehicle will enable you to record your odometer readings, and display the total travelled for the Day, Week, Month and Year. CEVehicle has all the features required to keep track of the vehicles usage both for Buisness and Private use. CEVehicle offers the following features: . Recording of odometer readings . Tracking kilometers either Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly. . Full travel statistics and vehicle details. ...Click details for more information.

Checklist for Pocket PCs Website Details
Checklist allows you to create one dimensional lists and then to mark or unmark selected items. It is good for to-do lists, book lists, collectibles, guest lists, etc. Program features include the ability to add, edit, delete, mark, unmark and copy items; to mark, unmark, copy and sort whole lists; to convert simple text files to lists; and to change the background color of the screen and the font used. ...Click details for more information.

ClassPro Website Details
One of the greatest challenges facing a student is keeping all of this information organized. No single general-purpose application can help get a student organized like ClassPro can. ...Click details for more information.

CodeWallet Website Details
Managing your important personal, financial, and business information has just become so much easier... Securely and conveniently store information for instant access anywhere, at anytime! CodeWallet allows you to create your own informational DataCards from over 30 different DataCard templates. Eliminate searching through those scraps of paper on your desk, in your wallet or purse, and places unknown! Never again be left without your important information at hand! For PsPC. ...Click details for more information.

ContactViewer Website Details
ContactViewer was developed as an alternative to the program "Contacts" from standard PocketPC distribution. ContactViewer is more intuitive, it shows more items in one moment and towards "Contacts" you can sort and view your contacts by FileAs, Company and Name. ContactViewer consists from three cards - , and . This card you can select through tapping on the turnup or calling the function from menu. The contact you wish to view you can select standardly from the combobox or you can use the PocketPC minikey...Click details for more information.

CryptoGrapher Website Details
Utility for cryptoprotection of the information kept on the flash card. Each time the information is recorded onto the flash card, the CryptoGrapher does encoding of the data, and each time the reading takes place, the CryptoGrapher decodes the data. - You have some information on handheld PC intended only for your use. But there is rather great possibility of its leakage as Windows CE is not certified for classified information processment. Our solution: keep such information encrypted on the flash...Click details for more information.

CryptoGrapher for HPC Website Details
The CryptoGrapher is designed to protect the information kept on all types of flash disks from any unauthorised access. The protection is achieved by means of encoding of all the information using special fast cryptoresistant algorithms. In terms of technical description the CryptoGrappher is a driver for the Windows CE operating system which intercepts all flash card read / record operations at the lowest level possible. In case of record operations it does encoding and in case of read operations it does d...Click details for more information.

CSI Project Website Details
With CSI Project, you can take your project schedules from Microsoft Project anywhere you can take your Palm-size PC, Handheld PC, or Handheld PC Pro! <p>Now, your project schedules, priorities, resource allocations, and GANTT charts can travel with you in a device as small as your shirt pocket. Not only can you view your data on-the-go, but you can freely edit, add, delete, and rearrange your tasks and related project details. <p>And when you return to the office, you can import the revised schedules...Click details for more information.

cyProj Website Details
<p><span class="TdText">The <b>cyProj</b> PocketPC application is used to view MS Project 2000 files on your handheld PocketPC. Its COM Add-In is used to analyze, extract and condense your MS Project 2000 files to your PocketPC file system. <p><b>Features</b> <p>&nbsp; <ul> <li>View MS Project 2000 files <li>Gantt Charts <li>Resource tables <li>10-to-1 compression possible</li> </ul> <p><b>NOTE: BETA PRODUCT</b></p> </span> ...Click details for more information.

DigiCost Website Details
This is an application developed in order to track vehicle costs, mainly fuel costs. All entries are easily to be entered without pulling the pen and the data is stored in a WindowsCE database for further processing, archiving or maintenance by other software. Export to ASCII is also possible....Click details for more information.

eWallet Website Details
Ilium Software presents eWallet™, now available for your <b>Handheld</b>, <b>Palm-size</b>, or <b>Desktop,&nbsp;PC</b>! Now you can have all your important information in a format that's secure, easy to access, centralized and portable on any Windows platform: CE, 98, 95 or NT. Enter your information on your desktop, and read, use and change it on your Handheld or Palmsize!<br><br> Collect and keep <b><i>all</b></i> of your important information with eWallet. Our easy-to-use cards help you keep track of ...Click details for more information.

EZ Travel Website Details
The perfect travel companion! Keep all your travel information in one convenient, easy-to-use application. Features: Store multiple itineraries. Receive flight notifcations. Expenses totaled and sorted by date or by category. Easy data entry. Remembers the information you enter so the more you use it, the easier it is to use!...Click details for more information.

Friend Indeed Website Details
<b>Friend Indeed</b> is a Personal Information System for Palmtop and Handheld PCs.<br> The application can be used to store and monitor your personal information like Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Pulse Rate, Vehicle Mileage, etc. and further analyze them over a period of time. For easier analysis, it provides a graphical representation of the stored information with zooming facility. Additionally, Friend Indeed facilitates you to set alarms for the appointments with multiple doctors, taking medicines, ser...Click details for more information.

GetSetGo Website Details
Wanna be reminded to compose an important mail or send in a greeting !!! Wanna be reminded to fill in in your balance sheet or execute alarms as reminders. It gives you the flexibility to schedule your applications to run Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly or any selected day and time of the week or month! Simply set the application, choose when you want it to be run and let GetSetGo do the rest!...Click details for more information.

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