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Ace Clock Pro Website Details
The Professional version of the famous clock is now available! With classic / digital mode, skins support (including ones of your own), fully customizable "see through" display with tooltip and convenient interface, it is designed to suit any and all your needs. Ace Clock Professional Version make this program a versatile hi-tech piece of art, which is the ultimate choice for time tracking, organizing your schedule and having great fun!...Click details for more information.

AlarMe Website Details
<html> <head> <title>Alarm Clock and Timer</title> </head> <body bgcolor="#FFFFFF"> <p align="center"><font color="#0000A0" size="4"><strong>Alarm Clock and Timer</strong></font></p> <p align="left">AlarMe is a full featured alarm clock and timer for Windows CE and Windows 95/98/NT. AlarMe makes a great bedside or travel alarm. Store up to 100 alarms with individual settings for sound, day of the week, and volume.</p> <p align="left"><font color="#FF0000" size="4" face="Comic Sans MS">...Click details for more information.

Big Time Website Details
Looking for an easy to use clock for your Palmsize PC? Tired of squinting at the time in the taskbar? Then Big Time is for you. With ultra-large digits, your Palmsize PC is transformed into a useful clock. Keep it in its cradle on your desktop, beside your bed or just take it out of your pocket....Click details for more information.

BigClock Website Details
BigClock is a process that shows the time in big digits on your palmsize Windows CE 2 machine. At present only MIPS PPCs are supported. BigClock also allows you to set alarms via a dialog that is more friendly than the World Clock on the PPC....Click details for more information.

Blunder Calendar Website Details
Blunder Calendar is an attempt towards visualizing the effect of February 30 bug on the Gregorian calendar. It is made ‘assuming’ that the year 2000, and every 400 years from then, will have an extra day, i.e. February 30....Click details for more information.

CE Binary Clock Website Details
Simple clock which uses binary digits to display the time. The hours is at the top and seconds at the bottom. You can choose between 12/24 hour time with 12hour being the default. You can change the color of the clock background, and you can also change the color of the dots (LED's). Still a work in progress, but should at least tell the time just fine. ...Click details for more information.

Chess Clock Website Details
Free Chess Clock for Windows CE palm held devices. Simple and easy to use. Just set the time and tap the corresponding color box to switch the timers from black to white. For Mip 3000, 4000 and SH3 palm held processors running WindowsCE 2.11 and WindowsCE 2.12 color devices...Click details for more information.

CityTime Website Details
The best selling world time software for Palm devices is now available for Pocket PC! CityTime is an advanced world time system for handheld devices. <p> The fast and accurate day/night plot shows where it is day and night across the world in real time. Time anywhere in the world can be estimated by referring to the day/night plot. Tapping on the main screen map ...Click details for more information.

CountDown Website Details
Following numerous requests, Sticky Software brings you the Countdown clock: a constantly updated display of the days, hours and minutes before the Year 2000. If you are worried that the world is going to end in a chaotic mess of technological failure followed by anarchy as society collapses around you, now you can use your Palmsize PC to while away the minutes while you gather provisions, build the stockaid, train the children in the use of firearms and teach yourself how to make fire with two rocks and an...Click details for more information.

Daylight CE Website Details
Windows CE does not automatically correct the time to account for daylight savings time. Daylight CE enables Windows CE to correctly calculate the time...Click details for more information.

DeClock Website Details
Fancy turning your HPC into a really expensive timepiece? Here's your chance! Features: Displays time including seconds, day of week, date, monthly calendar Up to three different time zone locations 12/24-hour format Color display - color of all elements configurable Most display elements can be turned on/off Selectable display font Chime - off, hourly, half-hourly or quarter-hourly; configurable sound and volume settings Shows time and date in the taskbar when DeClock is minimized/ina...Click details for more information.

DTStamp Website Details
This is a utility that gives a time or date stamp using via a hotkey combination.   It works with any application, such as Pocket Word and Pocket Excel. ...Click details for more information.

Globe Website Details
<P>Globe is Windows CE application that brings globe inside your PDA. It displayed actual time from 10 000 cities, enable to you provide 3D rotating of earth, compute distance, watch sun shadow moving, currency convertor and much more.</P> <P>FEATURES: <UL> <LI>Display local time in 10 000 cities of the world <LI>Display world cities coordinate from 10 000 cities <LI>Including distance meters between cities <LI>Select up to 20 cities witch are displayed on 3D model of the globe <LI>5 Zooming mod...Click details for more information.

Globe 2.0 Website Details
Globe is Windows CE application that brings 3D globe inside your PDA. It displays actual time from 10 000 cities, enable to you 3D rotating of the earth, compute distance, watch sun shadow moving, currency convertor and much more. FEATURES  Display local time in 10 000 cities of the world Add/Modify/Delete own cities new! Globe rotate using stylus Display world cities coordinate from 10 000 cities Including distance meters between cities Select up to 20 cities witch are displayed on 3D model of th...Click details for more information.

GPS Clock Website Details
Synchronize your Auto PC with the atomic clocks used by the Global Positioning System so you always have the right time on your Auto PC. This FREE software is available for download from Omega One's web site!...Click details for more information.

MIOC's Talking Clock Website Details
MIOC's Talking Clock is a clock that not only shows the time like every other clock but also announces the time so you can hear what time it is....Click details for more information.

MxClock Website Details
A product to make your Pocket PC a digital picture frame: Analog clock with big date title; Slide show your picture files on background; One tap exit. This is a good stuff to decorate your desktop with family pictures ...Click details for more information.

oPenStop Website Details
oPenStop The CE utility for your time measurement and timing needs. Contains a Stopwatch with laptime listing, a countdown timer, a pacer/metronom and a time display. Values are displayed in HPC screen wide large digits, which can be read from more than 6 feet distance.See oPenStop product specs for more details....Click details for more information.

OpTrax Website Details
OpTrax(tm) 1.0 for Windows CE 2.0 is a stock option tracker that can calculate the vesting schedules for you. It's simple to use and it does simple calculations for you....Click details for more information.

Pocket Timer Lite Website Details
Pocket Timer Lite 1.0 for the Handheld PC. A freeware count-up timer with a large digital display...Click details for more information.

pTravelAlarm Website Details
Are you still carrying a travel clock along with your Palm-size PC? Now there's pTravelAlarm, only for Palm-size PC's, with the functionality you need to replace your old travel clock....Click details for more information.

racePro Website Details
<b>"If it moves, you can time it with racePro!"</b><br> racePro allows you to time multiple cars, motorcycles, boats, karts, horses, or any moving object and calculate measurements of the racers' pace using Windows CE-based Handheld, Handheld Pro and Palm-size PC's....Click details for more information.

RemindMe 2.0 Website Details
RemindMe is the fastest, easiest way to set an instant reminder. Just enter a handwritten note, or record a message for yourself. When the time comes, your Pocket PC beeps, and the message you entered appears. It's like a post-it on steroids! Setting the alert time can be done in as few as 3 taps. The built-in Calendar is great for appointments, but for tasks like returning phone calls, turning off the oven, or checking the parking meter, RemindMe ...Click details for more information.

Show Internet Time Website Details
This is a simple program to display the current Internet Time in your taskbar icon tray. Internet Time is a new scheme designed by Swatch (yes, the watch-makers) which divides the 24 hour day into 1000 "beats", measured from midnight in Biel, Switzerland. Because the Internet Time doesn't change between timezones, the Internet Time is the same all over the world....Click details for more information.

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