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Aidem Power Converter Website Details
AIDEM Power Converter is composed of Engineering Calculator, Unit Converter and Currency Converter. The Engineering Calculator has been nominated as the Best Pocket PC Software by Pocket.at in the EUROPE POCKET PC AWARD 2002. The Unit Converter contains 11 categories, nearly 100 different conversion types. The Currency Converter includes both Euro base currency conversion and USD base currency conversion. ...Click details for more information.

ArtSGraph Website Details
ArtSGraph is a program intended for realization on the computer of mathematical calculations and a construction of various graphs. ArtSGraph helps numerically and graphically to solve the mathematical problems of various complexity, from the elementary arithmetical evaluations and construction of the graphs of elementary functions, up to differential calculus of functions of several variables, Fourier analysis, problem of optimization, construction of level lines and field of directions....Click details for more information.

ArtSGraph for Handheld PC Website Details
ArtSGraph is a powerful mathematical and calculation tool. ArtSGraph Main Features: - Easy to Use for scientific calculations and many types of graphs. - Many functions - from simple arithmetic and plotting elementary functions to differential calculus, harmonic analysis, optimization, plotting of equipotential lines and field of directions. - An effective educational tool for self-instruction and teaching mathematics. - User friendly intuitive interface...Click details for more information.

Calc98 Website Details
Calc98 is a Scientific engineering statistical and financial pocket calculator simulator program for the Microsoft Windows operating systems. It includes a comprehensive set of conversions, constants and physical property data, a built-in periodic table of the elements, number base conversions, vectors, matrices and complex numbers. It is especially suitable for the scientific, engineering, medical and teaching professions and in finance....Click details for more information.

Calcy Force Website Details
You've spent a bundle on your H/PC. Now utilize it as a mobile companion to the fullest by doing all your scientific calculations on the fly. Calcy Force provides you with all the basic functions you will need from a calculator in a user friendly environment. ...Click details for more information.

Conversions in Hand Website Details
Lets you make your unit conversions easily and effectively.   CIH includes over 200 different conversion types, including currencies.   CIH also includes a built-in calculator so you can actually make use of your conversions as you need to....Click details for more information.

Convert 1.1 Website Details
Convert allows conversion of weight, temperature, length, area, volume and currency. The user can specify names and conversion rates for up to three currencies....Click details for more information.

CoolCalc for Handheld PC Website Details
A next generation business and scientific calculator. Fully programmable, with customizable macros, button layouts, and more. ! Now for Palm-sized PC! ...Click details for more information.

CoolCalc for PalmPC Website Details
New to CoolCalc for Palm-size PC: - Now includes 10 built-in calculators - 2 calculators now come with the FREE version (Basic, and Basic RPN). - Numeric display is quickly and easily customizable for floating, fixed, and scientific notation. - Now Microsoft Windows CE logo compliant - International devices fully supported, including currency symbols and date formats. - Scientific number entry improved. - new Margin and Basic RPN calculators ...Click details for more information.

Correl Website Details
Correl, a program that allows the input of bivariate data, draws the scatter plot and the regression of y on x, and calculates the means and standard deviations of both variables as well as the correlation between them....Click details for more information.

DynaMetric Website Details
Metric conversion tool is an application for the HP hand-held devices running Windows CE (version2.0) That provides a calculation cum conversion interface allowing you to convert many units from a variety of sources as many as fifteen in number do. A setup utility that helps in configuring the units for convention of the selected source .The user can select the different sources. The application has been developed keeping in mind the directives of conversion between one unit and another. This conversion too...Click details for more information.

E-Calc Website Details
Simple and Practical Simple and practical, e-calc allows you to do all of your conversions in the blink of an eye. E-calc converts european currency to euros. (PSPC)...Click details for more information.

E-Currency Converter Website Details
This program calculates the 13 EURO currencies on one page. Included are : <li> Euro (EUR) <li> Belgian Franc (BEF) <li> German Mark (DEM) <li> Spanish Peseta (ESP) <li> Finnish Markka (FIM) <li> French Franc (FRF) <li> Greek Drachma (GRD) ...Click details for more information.

Emu48CE Website Details
Emu48 is an hp48 emulator which runs on Win32 systems. Emu48CE is a port for Windows CE machines. Currently the proyect is in the beta stage. Handheld PC and PalmPC are supported....Click details for more information.

Emu48CE - H/PC edition 869k Download Website Details
This version of Emu48CE emulates the HP 48GX and the HP 49G calculators. KMLs are included. ROMs are available at Emu48CE's homepage (desktop-os.net). The included KMLs are for 640x240 screens. If you have a larger screen, you'll need to find KMLs elsewhere....Click details for more information.

Engineering Calculator Website Details
This is a Pocket PC calculator for scientific, and computer math. This calculator is very bright and easy to use, support more than 50 functions. And this calculator is free for you. New features of Engineering Calculator 1.12 : Correct the mistake of "Percent" function ...Click details for more information.

EuroCalculator Website Details
EURO Calculator is a simple calculator that also has the additional facility of showing the currency conversions between the common European currency EURO and the other eleven participating countries....Click details for more information.

EuroConverter Website Details
This application makes it possible to display a fast conversion table between 10 national currencies and the new EUROpean currency. This application works fine on my MIPS based COMPAQ AERO 2120....Click details for more information.

EuroCur Website Details
This program converts european currencies and show the amount in Euro. It is freeware. Available for Win CE 2.xx and WinCE 3.00 (PocketPC) and all current processors....Click details for more information.

FactorPro Website Details
For HPC. This program will determine the factors for any given number. Take note that the bigger the number is the longer it will take to factor it. Odd numbers take even longer....Click details for more information.

FIS WinCE Suite Website Details
FIS WinCE Suite consists of Investment & Charting System, Mortgage Loan,Currency Conversion, Futures and Options Calcs....Click details for more information.

Formulae1CE Website Details
free Formulae 1 Computer Algebra System for WinCE...Click details for more information.

Free Msdos emulator for windows ce 2.00 devices Website Details
the best free dos emulator ...Click details for more information.

GeoTrasf Website Details
GeoTrasf is a geodetic calculator for Coordinate Transformation: Geografic (Lat,Lon) to Cartesian (N,E) Cartesian (N,E) to Geografic (Lat,Lon) Main Ellipsoids of the World for Pocket PC with Windows CE 3.0 (as iPAQ, Cassiopea, etc...) ...Click details for more information.

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