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AceBartender for Pocket PC Website Details
Whether a social drinker or professional bartender, you'll find AceBartender intuitive, fun and easy to use. The full-version includes over 1500 cocktail recipes for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, searchable by name and on-hand ingredients. Each recipe card contains information on ingredients, including garnish and type of glass to serve your cocktail in! Over 1500 recipes and so easy to use! Buy It Now! US/Metric measurements option - now you can view recipes in ml! Search mode, On-hand m...Click details for more information.

Air-Conditioner RCU Website Details
Turns your HPC into a Remote Control Unit for your Air-Conditioner...Click details for more information.

Aktiv E-Ching 450k Download Website Details
Aktiv E-Ching, a modern take on the ancient divination system of I-Ching. Available on Internet, sms, Avantgo, wap, Palm and Pocket PC ...Click details for more information.

Alt+F4 Program Closer 38k Download Website Details
This program allows you to close programs by using the Alt+Contacts hotkey, just like Alt+F4 on a PC. For the Jornada 720 only....Click details for more information.

AppleCE Website Details
Apple ][+ emulator for Compaq iPAQ (color), Casio EM-500 & Casio E-125....Click details for more information.

BirthdayBoy 1.1 Website Details
The orignal release of BirthdayBoy is a TodayScreen plugin which will display anniversaries or birthdays upto 31 days ahead. Recommended for users without access to Snoopsoft Dashboard. Click on the above link or the above right screenshot for more information and to obtain a trial version....Click details for more information.

BubbleSkin Website Details
The Bubble Skin is futuristic, rounded, minimalist. For E-100 PPC...Click details for more information.

CB64 Website Details
Commodore 64 emulator. Can load and execute .crt cartridge files and .prg program files....Click details for more information.

CE6b Website Details
Aviation utilities for Windows CE<br> Latitude-Longitude (Great circle and Rhumb line tracks) <br> Wind triangle (Hdg/Gs, Trk/Gs, W/v, Crosswind-Headwind components) <br> Fuel planning (Fuel consumption, Speed-Time-Distance) <br> Weight and Balance (Take off/landing weight and centre of gravity) <br> Altitude-Airspeed (Density alt, Pressure alt, True alt, TAS-RAS-MACH) <br> Vertical navigation (Rate of climb, Top of climb, Rate of descent, Top of descent) <br> Timer (stopwatch functions) <br> Utilit...Click details for more information.

CeToolBox Website Details
Monitor, in real time, the usage of Program,Storage and Virtual Memory....Click details for more information.

CETuner for WinCE/PocketPC 2124k Download Website Details
The CETuner utility is designed to change the user interface in the Windows CE/Pocket PC operating system. It allows to change the font used in the interface textual elements and color used in the interface graphical elements. ...Click details for more information.

Clarity Website Details
Fine text rendering<br> Clarity 1.0 for Windows CE. An example of "color antialiasing" ...Click details for more information.

CoPilot Website Details
Port of Copilot for Palm-size PC. Requires around 5MB free memory to run, as well as the ROM of a PalmPilot (named Pilot.ROM) in the root directory or in a Storage Card directory. Still very slow. unsupported freeware. Limitations: does NOT save the pilot's RAM file when exiting. This is a technology and speed demo only. The state of the PalmPilot will not persist between runnings. Updated: now includes ARM support....Click details for more information.

DaysToGo Website Details
PurplePecker's DaysToGo is a simple application to calculate the number of days to an important event. It's strength is that it is possible to customize all aspects of the display. You can create your own backgrounds, headings and change the way e...Click details for more information.

easySMS 179k Download Website Details
Create SMS with 160 characters and send them via IR-connection with your mobile. The address book, which uses the database of your Pocket PC, makes it easy to quickly select the mobile numbers of the recipients. It's possible to select more than one recipient. Also you can save, delete and load SMS templates and sent SMS and you can renaim and move SMS files....Click details for more information.

ErgoReader Website Details
File reader program for PPCs. Allows you to read a file with rotated screen, thus allowing you to see more at once....Click details for more information.

FABS OrderPad Website Details
OrderPad is a "Sales Automation" application, operating on remote or mobile Windows CE. order entry, POS, customer details, production planning, inventory and employee details including timekeeping functions....Click details for more information.

Flash Format (with AutoRun) Website Details
<p><span class="TdText">Flash Format is much more than a storage card formatting utility. <ul> </ul> With Flash Format you can get detailed information and statistics about your storage cards, including phisical characteristics (sectors, cluster, cylinders, etc.) and analysis of file allocations (slack space), Of course, you can also perform integrity checks, and re-format storage cards to original conditions, whenever you need it. <ul> </ul> Furthermore, Flash Format lets you activate <b>AutoRun...Click details for more information.

FlyBall Website Details
Sick of searching for the right application to keep scores for you or fed up of the old application you downloaded once upon a time!! Cheer up and forget your old app! Coz here’s FlyBall, the kinda application you’d been looking for. It’ll help you keep scores for games, track player and team performances. And not forgetting to be innovative, ITIL has designed the Game Simulation Mode (GSM) view just for you....Click details for more information.

Free Anti Virus for Win c.e. and Pocket pc Website Details
The first FREE emulator for windows ce devices. (needs 60kb free memory, and 100kb program memory (ram)....Click details for more information.

Funky Spheres Website Details
Funky Spheres is our premiere screen saver for Windows CE. It lets you add seven different kinds of spheres, each of which warps your screen in a different way. You can also choose the size and speed for each sphere which allows you to customize this screen saver as much or as little as you like! ...Click details for more information.

FutureInPocket Website Details
A prediction tool from Indian Scriptures. FutureInPocket gives you the opportunity to find out about the possible outcomes/chance-happening for a given question or a situation. FutureInPocket is an extract from Ramcharitmanas and is a means of knowing the possible outcomes of a task or a venture to be undertaken....Click details for more information.

GKinPocket Website Details
GKinPocket will be your guide as it brings to you a quick reference on a variety of subjects. So if you need to browse information about Countries, Inventions, World records (information) being the broad categories, check GkinPocket out....Click details for more information.

GSM Dialer Website Details
Sunnysoft GSM Dialer is an enhancement utility for Pocket Outlook that allows you to dial a telephone number on your mobile phone from Pocket Contacts just by three taps: <ul>Tap and hold the Contact whose telephone number you want to dial, until context menu appears <ul>Tap "Dial number..." <ul>Tap required number...Click details for more information.

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