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Able DXF manager Website Details
Able DXF manager is a program that enables you to easily view, print and convert graphic files in normal (file by file) and batch (many files at a time) modes. Input formats: Drawing Interchange Format (DXF), TIF, TIFF, JPG, JPEG, JPE, PCX, BMP, DIB, RLE, PNG, WMF, EMF, TGA, TARGA, VDA, ICB, VST, PIX, PXM, PPM, PGM, PBM, ICO, CUR. Output formats: JPG, TIF, PCX, PNG, BMP, TGA, PXM, PPM, PGM, PBM....Click details for more information.

Active Volume Website Details
Want to have the volume of your Auto PC get louder the faster you travel? This application makes it possible. No longer do you have to fiddle with the volume to combat road noise, and the application even makes speech output louder, so you can hear what the Auto PC is telling you!...Click details for more information.

ActiveSky Media Player Website Details
<b>Highest-quality video available on your handheld device</b><br> ActiveSky technology lets you enjoy live-action video and animation on your PDA or communicator without compromise. Look for the sharp edges, clear motion, and readable text to see some of the distinguishing characteristics of the superb visual experience you'll get when using ActiveSky technology.<br> Visit <a href="http://www.atomfilms.com/togo" target="_new">www.atomfilms.com/togo</a> for content....Click details for more information.

ActiveTABLET Website Details
ActiveTABLET is a complete drawing tablet implementation that transforms the connected, "inert" CE device to accept touchscreen input and pass it directly to the desktop machine. ActiveTABLET doesn't simply use the "Active" buzzword - it employs ActiveX and Automation technology in conjunction with VBScript to allow full integration with any Automation compliant COM based application, most notable of which are the Microsoft Office 97 suite of applications. ...Click details for more information.

AudiblePlayer Website Details
Introducing a new way to stay informed and entertained. You can hear the day's top business stories from The Wall Street Journal, catch up on John Grisham's latest thriller, or tune into your favorite public radio shows like Fresh Air and Marketplace. We deliver it all to you in AUDIO. Direct from the Internet. Straight to your Palm-size PC. Download your FREE version of AudiblePlayerTM for Windows CE and begin listening today!...Click details for more information.

AutoGraph Website Details
Intelligent Graphing. Made Simple. AutoGraph is the graphing companion to Pocket Excel™. Powerful, yet easy to use. AutoGraph generates seven different graph types, allowing you save graphs as bitmap files or paste into your Pocket Word™ documents with ease! AutoGraph is "Powered by Windows CE" logo-certified!...Click details for more information.

Beatnik Player Website Details
Beatnik Player for PocketPC Key Features:<br> • Plays popular music formats including MP3, WAV, MIDI and RMF.<br> • Provides real time ability to control and interact with RMF and MIDI titles.<br> • The first of a line of mobile consumer applications built on the Beatnik Audio Engine (BAE)<br> • Provides real time...Click details for more information.

Color Video Player Website Details
Demo colour video player for the HP-620 LX palmtop computer....Click details for more information.

Coolviz® Website Details
We have just developed a new image viewer for PocketPCs. Unlike other viewers, ours is the only one to display images AND panoramas! This feature is particularly interesting to real estate agents who want to show virtual tours.<p> <li> Image viewer <li> Full 360° panorama mode (for virtual tours) <li> Dual filter graphic engine for enhanced pictures <li> Optimized memory management <li> Quickly beam pictures from one PDA to another <li> Picture folder management...Click details for more information.

DDM Europe Wallpaper and Sounds Website Details
Wallpaper and sound schemes...Click details for more information.

dotPocket 1480k Download Website Details
<b>DotPocket</b> is the powerful utility that allows you to control your Pocket PC from the desktop and enhance the visual capabilities of your handheld.<br> <br> The dotPocket comprises of two components: display drivers that let you alter the properties of your Pocket PC display, and a remote control application that lets you view the pocket PC on your desktop as well as interact via the mouse and keyboard.<br> <br> <img border="0" src="http://www.dotpocket.com/dotpocket.gif" align="center"><br> <br...Click details for more information.

dSound Website Details
Puts a volume control in the task bar of your HPC/PsPC...Click details for more information.

Fkeyboard Website Details
Turn your CE device into a piano...Click details for more information.

Graph Website Details
Graph, a program that accepts an input file containing coordinates of a set of points and, optionally, a list of connections between pairs of those points. It scales the points and draws a graph that locates them in two-space along with any edges connecting pairs of points that were specified....Click details for more information.

Graphic Plotter Website Details
Graphic plotter for HPC and PPCs....Click details for more information.

Graphics CE Website Details
Convert BMPs to WindowsCE Graphic Files...Click details for more information.

Hardcopy Website Details
Hardcopy is available in the following languages: Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Polish, Swedish With Hardcopy for Windows CE you can capture any screen or window and save the image as Bitmap file. With the registered version of Hardcopy you can also save the image in the GIF format. You can copy a captured screen or window to the clipboard. As example, You can capture any window and copy this image to Pocket Word....Click details for more information.

Holiday Screensavers Website Details
Mobile Visions Software has released two free holiday screensavers for the AutoPC. Both the Christmas and Hanukkah screensavers are available for free download from our website. ...Click details for more information.

HUM Website Details
Specifically designed for the next-generation Windows® CE based multimedia devices, Utopiasoft™ Hum v1.0 fully utilizes the multimedia capabilities of your PPC/HPC and plays any MP3 file in rich stereo sound and vivid color....Click details for more information.

IA Album Website Details
IA Album 1.0 is the ideal image manager for Pocket PCs. Packed with features, IA Album lets you easily browse, view, annotate, organize and share images on the go. * Download images from your desktop PC via ActiveSync, or get them from a compact flash card (where the images were taken through a digital camera) * Add voice narration, music, and text notes to images * Create multimedia slide shows on your own, or playback PowerPoint image files * Share files via e-mail or infrared beaming ...Click details for more information.

IA Album 2 2627k Download Website Details
IA Album is an award-winning digital image manager for Pocket PCs. IA Album lets you browse, organize, annotate, and share images quickly and easily on-the-go. You can download images from your desktop PC via ActiveSync, or get them from your digital camera's CF/SD card, and then store your photo "albums", and add text, audio, and/or "liquid ink" annotation to the images. Images can be displayed in a variety of ways, including Slide Shows that may be presented with various transition effects. Images...Click details for more information.

IA Presenter 2186k Download Website Details
A mobile presentation tool for showing Microsoft PowerPoint® presentations on the Pocket PC. Create your PowerPoint® presentation (.PPT or .PPS file) on your desktop, and then just drag-and-drop it to your Pocket PC. A conversion filter will convert the file automatically. Presentations can be shown on a projector screen, a computer or television monitor when appropriate accessories are installed on the Pocket PC. You can leave your laptop computer at home next time you need to give a presentation. ...Click details for more information.

IA Screen Mirror 1093k Download Website Details
IA Screen Mirror 2 is an easy-to-use tool for projecting a Pocket PC's LCD screen contents onto an external VGA device such as a projector or monitor. IA Screen Mirror 2 can also project images to a television monitor via the Composite video or S-video terminals. Key features include: * Multiple Screen Images * Video Output Support * Compatibility with CF and PCMCIA Cards ...Click details for more information.

IA ScreenShot 1295k Download Website Details
IA ScreenShot is an affordable ($9.95), one-step solution for capturing an entire screen image on a Pocket PC. With IA ScreenShot, you can set any of your Pocket PC's system buttons as a capture button. Then by simply pushing the capture button, whatever is showing on your palm-top will be saved as an image file. ...Click details for more information.

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