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ActiveX Control Pack Website Details
ActiveXTM controls provide Microsoft® Windows® developers discrete packages of tested functionality. Some of the most popular ActiveX controls are now available for Windows CE across a variety of processors. Sample code in the package give great examples of how to use each control....Click details for more information.

ActiveX RAS Website Details
ActiveX control for creating RAS connections within a few minutes. No need for programming skills, this ActiveX saves tons of developing hours....Click details for more information.

AdvancedString Website Details
advancedstring.pc is an include for PocketC. It includes several functions for operations with strings which are not included in the PocketC standard library. Among these functions you'll find strfrom, strinsert, stritemcount, stritem, stritems. The 'manual' of this include can be found in the comments at the top of the sourcefile....Click details for more information.

BaseConv 2.1 1886k Download Website Details
BaseConv for PocketPC is a powerful Binary-Hex-decimal conversion calculator with features unmatched by any similar program. Also available for H/PC, Windows and Epoc. One registration covers all platforms. ...Click details for more information.

BasiCE 108k Download Details
Basice is a complete BASIC computer language system supporting hand-held PCs....Click details for more information.

Bitwise Website Details
bitwise.pc is an include for PocketC. It includes several bitwise operations (hence the name) for your own coding-purposes. Among these functions you'll find bitset, bitclr, bitchg, bit, and, or, xor, inttobin, inttohex, bintoint, hextoint. For more information about these functions, read the manual included in the downloadable zip-file....Click details for more information.

BulletProof JDesignerPro 4.0 Website Details
JDesignerPro 4.0 is the first widely available RAD tool that allows virtually anyone to create wireless handheld enterprise applications with little or no programming experience. JDesignerPro 4.0 is perfect for building mobile applications for industries including but not limited to the following: Sales Force Automation, Warehousing, Quoting and Point of Sale. ...Click details for more information.

CASL WinCE Website Details
The language is easy to learn, and can be used to make programs that interact with the user with a familiar look and feel. Menus, selection lists, buttons, and text fields are all objects that can be displayed and manipulated by CASL programs. Non-visual objects (like files, databases, and the serial port) can also be accessed by CASL applications. Both visual and data objects are defined by statements in the language, as are their attributes (such as size, location, or database fields)....Click details for more information.

CE Application Builder Website Details
This is the first development tool available for creating multi-tier Internet-enabled applications for Windows CE devices....Click details for more information.

CE Fusion Website Details
Software tools for building on-line wireless applications for Windows® CE based devices, such as Handheld PCs (HPCs), Palm PCs, or embeded Windows® CE devices....Click details for more information.

CE Services Adaptation Kit Website Details
Corporate customers require an unattended installation capability in Microsoft Windows CE Services setup. When a large number of PC Companion devices are being deploying in an organization, having each end user install the synchronization software on their desktop PC can be a complex, time-consuming task. The Windows CE Services Adaptation Kit makes it possible for an IT group to create custom unattended installation scripts for Windows CE Services controlled by and deployed through a system management tool...Click details for more information.

CE-Star SDK Website Details
This SDK will enable you develop Chinese software on H/PC with the support of CE-Star. Its functions include text string codepage conversion, Chinese message encoding/decoding etc . With this SDK, Chinese application development will be more easy and standard....Click details for more information.

CEValidator Website Details
No project is successful without a solid quality assurance component. For your Windows CE project, you can either write the test code yourself, or save yourself immeasurable time and hassle by calling us. We've done the hard work for you in our new CEValidator™, the world's only automated quality assurance test suite for Windows CE platforms and device drivers. CEValidator provides an entire spectrum of QA capabilities for each stage of device development, from device design through manufacturing testing th...Click details for more information.

Coco Estimate 34k Download Website Details
Coco Estimate is a software development effort, schedule, cost estimation program. Coco Estimate will automatically compute the estimated effort, schedule, staff, and cost of a project based on the lines of code or function points. It will also breakdown the effort required for each phase of the project and compute the probability of success. Best of all, Coco Estimate can be calibrated to more accurately fit your organizations individual talents and efficiencies. Coco Estimate is free to try for 30 days. T...Click details for more information.

CSLink Website Details
CSLink is a strategic, high-level interface to develop almost any client-server application. CSLink provides an easy to use model whether you are creating clients or even multi-protocol servers. CSLink is the single interface you need to know for 1- to n-tier client/server and multi-platform solution development....Click details for more information.

CuteInstall Website Details
CuteInstall is a general tool for developer creating professional setups for their Windows CE applications conveniently. With an easy-to-use wizard, CuteInstall helps you specify application information, create CAB files and define a specific INI file for your setup program. Subsequently, CuteInstall will compress files or make self-extractors as you like, and automatically make them into a setup package, ready for delivery to your final users....Click details for more information.

Database Manager++ Website Details
RDM/CE is a BETA release of Raima Database Manager++ for Windows CE, without the ++ (ROM). RDM availability on the Windows CE operating system enables Windows CE developers the opportunity to take advantage of Raima's proven database technology to develop applications to run on the many new computer appliances just now coming to market....Click details for more information.

Developer One Palm-size PC Collection Website Details
Simply one of the best collections of software for your Palm-size PC! <p>Award winning titles like CodeWallet&#153;, AccessPanel&#153; Platinum Edition and TaskPro&#153; give you the power to get more from your Palm-size PC! <h3>Key Features:</h3> <ul> <li><b>CodeWallet</b> <br>The top rated personal, business and financial information management tool! <br>Keep all of your important information secure and conveniently available wherever you go! <br>Over 30 informa...Click details for more information.

Dialect Website Details
Aristar Dialect Standard Edition is an advanced programming system for Windows NT, 95, 98 and CE that allows developers to write applications with the following features: <ul> <li>Unlimited size and data. <li>Royalty-free runtime. <li>On-line documentation. <li>Capacity to pre-compile code for rapid execution. <li>Integrated development environment with project management. <li>Support for sockets, files, GUI elements, printing, etc. </ul>...Click details for more information.

dsFORTH Website Details
Development tool for WindowsCE/MIPS...Click details for more information.

Dstore Website Details
DStore for Windows CE is a low memory consuming ISAM database library. This library was written in C++ and has to be compiled and linked using Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0 (or higher) with Windows CE SDK....Click details for more information.

EZSetup Website Details
A WinCE Setup App Creation Tool. If you are a WinCE author and are looking for an inexpensive way to create / obtain a setup program, look at EZSetup! Once you have created your .cab files (as described in the WinCE SDK), you are ready to use EZSetup. EZSetup takes your .cab files and *outputs* a compressed, self-contained, self-extracting Windows setup program that will set up your WinCE software. PocketChess for Windows CE uses this tool for its setup requirements. The result is a single executable that w...Click details for more information.

FlashFX Website Details
Datalight FlashFX software makes resident flash memory appear to Windows CE as a disk drive, thereby creating a flash disk. FlashFX provides the logical-to-physical address translation allowing an application to use the flash components in the same way it would a disk drive. The unique characteristics of flash memory make it ideally suited for embedded systems. Flash memory is non-volatile, has low power requirements and a rugged nature, making it superior to standard hard disks for embedded system appl...Click details for more information.

ForeHTML Website Details
Now there's a powerful, easy-to-use help authoring system that gives you a complete solution for all your HTML-based Help needs. Whether you're developing Microsoft's HTML Help, Windows CE Help, JavaHelp, or HTML-based help for multiple browser environments, ForeHTML Pro 3 lets you get the job done quickly in an award-winning WYSIWYG editing system....Click details for more information.

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