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5/16/1999 11:57:18 PM

Date Topic Posts
6/6/2002 16:04   help - can some one help me i need to conect my digicam "sony dsc s30 to the cassiopea e...Read More 1
2/26/2002 13:06   Will pay $20 to $50 for a text editor that handles large files - I'm helping a friend wi...Read More 1
9/5/2001 09:31   want to know what pcmcia cards are supported om my hp620lx - I bougt a hp 620lx and i b...Read More 1
7/28/2001 16:43   Toshiba 5GB - Does anyone knows where we can buy the Toshiba 5GB (MK5002MPL) on line to ...Read More 1
7/9/2001 19:48   Does anyone know where to get a compact flash expander? - I have a cassiopeia e-100 and ...Read More 1
5/26/2001 22:34   New Multimedia Mounts for Pocket PC - Arkon Resources unveiled their much anticipated Mu...Read More 1
5/10/2001 23:13   who has LG PHENOM and who knows where to get accesories - who has LG PHENOM and who know...Read More 1
1/16/2001 09:23   foldable keyboard for Compaq Ipaq pocket PC - question... When is someone gonna to crea...Read More 1
1/3/2001 10:29   PocketZip - Anyone know of any drivers that make it possible to use the PCMCIA PocketZip...Read More 1
12/24/2000 12:46   Can't find a modem for my HPC, please help! - I have an HP660LX, and each time I try a c...Read More 1
9/20/2000 19:09   Casio E115 Digital Camera - I would like to know with there is someone out there that ow...Read More 1
8/16/2000 18:02   Dreamcast - Is windows CE for the Dreamcast compatable with the games on this site?...Read More 1
7/10/2000 14:56   PCMCIA Sound Cards - I am looking for a sound card which would let me plug in head phone...Read More 1
6/11/2000 13:33   What is the best flash card? - I'm looking for comments on flash cards. In your opinion...Read More 1
6/11/2000 11:03   NEC MobilePro 450 :PC to HPC connection cables. - I am looking to replace my bad cable t...Read More 1
5/16/2000 15:37   How to play *.wma on my Cassiopeia A-20 (No Mediaplayerinstallation was succesfull)He - ...Read More 1
3/19/2000 07:21   Windows CE 1.0 SITE RELEASED!!! - ...Read More 1
2/27/2000 07:50   Windows CE MC12 Upgrade - ...Read More 1
2/18/2000 05:14   Pocket Apps for Palm PCs? - I am very interested in purchasing the Casio E-105 Palm PC, ...Read More 1
1/10/2000 09:59   drivers - ...Read More 1
12/11/1999 16:57   Need headphone plug!!! Please!!!! - I have a HPC Pro without a plug for headphones. I ha...Read More 1
11/28/1999 11:48   Recarge a Battery - 30 Minuites...Read More 1
8/13/1999 03:44   How long to charge the rechargable batteries? - Hi, just wanted to know how long should ...Read More 1

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